...Redefining and enhancing Education


OES was formally Online Examination Simulation but now it has been changed to Online Education System. It is an e-learning system. OES is designed to resolve poor performance and enhancing competition between students within and outside Nigeria with the use of PEAR Model. This is Performance, Evaluation, Assessment and Reporting to all stakeholders in Education. This can only be achieved with adequate planning and proper support from the investors and the government.

Enterprise OES Purchase of the Site: i.e. Site Customization:
OES Site Customization goes for N150, 000. 00 For Secondary School without PIN
OES Site Customization goes for N75, 000. 00 For Primary School without PIN
OES Site Customization for State Government without Pin goes for N1, 500, 000. 00 – N750, 000. 00
OES Site Customization for Federal Government with Pin (Meet with the management)

Normal Cost Structure
OES Card Advert: N100/ card
OES 1 Year Duration with 500 Login Limits: N5000
OES 1 Year Duration with 400 Login Limits: N4000
OES 6 Months Duration with 250 Login Limits: N2000
OES 3 Months Duration with 150 Login Limits: N1000
OES 2 Months Duration with 90 Login Limits: N700
OES 1 Month Duration with 50 Login Limits: N500 

1. Excellent Feedback Reports on Studies
2. Connect with your Teachers Anywhere and Anytime
3. Connect with your Parents and Children Anywhere and Anytime
4. Excellence monitoring and evaluation system for administration
5. Can be branded for schools
6. Over 70, 000 questions is availability from Basic 1 to SSCE 3 Classes
7. Excellent Timed Questions with Answers
8. Up to date Nigerian Curriculum information.
9. Excellent Collaboration between Teachers and Students.
10. Excellent e-chatting Tool between peer Students of the same class.

(1) The testing / examination simulation students interface web platform. This is the examination simulation area
(2). The administrative web platform for monitoring and evaluation. This is the reporting area
(3). The complete school education web interface platform and. This is the learning area.
(4). The Collaboration Forum Area. 
(5). The mobile – web platform that resides on the mobile application.  

The exams certificate topics covered are based on:
1. Universal Basic Education (UBE) which covers primary 1 to 6 and Junior Secondary School.
2. O'level and NECO Exams which covers Senior Secondary Schools.
3. UTME and post UTME which covers University Entrance Exams. 

The collaborative module is for teachers and students. The Real time chatting with students of the same class is also added and this is for the students.