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We are young at heart but desireable of exponential change in Education

… In Connecting All The Dots, We Bring Solutions To Our Education System In Nigeria.

Hremsoft Online Education Simulation Team Members

All the real work is done in the rehearsal period.”  … Donald Pleasence

We at Hremsoft OES Limited believes that Online Education System Suite is the rehearsal room for all students. We want students to perform excellently well so that future importation of our human capacity in Nigeria and Africa can be reduced.

Rehearsal Approch with Performance Review Is the Key. This is why we are adopting PEAR Model.

It is a complete e-Learning web application for preparing for school work, Basic School Examination, JSSC Exams, SSCE Exams, UTME and Post UTM Exams. OES application is the best for government in measuring feedbacks such as monitoring and evaluation process. Reliable tools for parents when measuring academic performance of their children. OES make use of P.E.A.R Model meaning Performance, Evaluation, Assessment and Reporting.


The product is focus and also feeds on a PEAR model. PEAR model is simply put a Performance of Education in general, Evaluation of Teachers via student Performance, Assessment of students and Reporting to all stakeholders in Education associated to that student for adequate monitoring of students and teachers on a daily basis.

OES Internal Modules

OES Application Suite is a complete electronic learning application. OES application suit has four classification;
(1) The examination simulation students interface web platform,
(2).The administrative web platform,
(3)The complete school education web interface platform and
(4). The mobile – web platform that resides on the mobile application.


Examination Simulation Contains

1. OES Reporting System (RS)
2. OES Student-Teachers Forum (SC)
3. OES Student Education Curriculum System (OES-ECS)
4. School Home Work Container (OES -SH)
5. OES Examination Simulation (OES -ES)


Administrative Platform

Without the OES Administrative Module, OES can not be complete. It is where the parents and the teachers review the children using the system.


Complete School Education

OES Complete School Curriculum is the medium where student learn with Audio-Visual Aid. It contains Nigeria curriculum syllabus with foreign resources.  It’s a free module in OES but still requires you are using OES Examination Simulation Module.

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