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Modules in Online Education System

Online Education System Types

OES Application Suite is a complete electronic learning application. OES application suit has four classification; (1) The examination simulation students interface web platform, (2).The administrative web platform,(3)The complete school education web interface platform and (4). The mobile – web platform that resides on the mobile application.

The product is focus and also feeds on a PEAR model. PEAR model is simply put a Performance of Education in general, Evaluation of Teachers via student Performance, Assessment of students and Reporting to all stakeholders in Education associated to that student for adequate monitoring of students and teachers on a daily basis. 


OES Reporting System (OES-RS) 

The M&E advantages cut across the education sector, thus giving the sector an edge to use the product to measure pattern of students practice before examination, career management and advice, forecasting and prediction of students’ performance, encouragement of students for government supports and payment of examination fees for public school students. 

OES Student/Teachers Collaborative(OES -SC) 

OES Student Collaborative Forum allows the teachers anywhere in the country to contribute tutorials to student needs. These tutorials can also be viewed by students. The student will not be given opportunity to contribute any pictures or videos to prevent misused.


OES Student Education Curriculum System (OES-ECS) 

OES Student Education Curriculum System allows an online teaching and Nigerian school class work to be taken. Various audio visual video teachings have been done. This has been process and archived for students to watch. This also includes simulated questions with answers. This is based on NERDC e-Curriculum. 

School Home Work Container (OES -SH)
For Schools that have personal website, OES can be integrated with their school website so that school home work can be hosted on the system for efficient school management. For those that do not have, Hremsoft OES can subsidize the cost of website for them and implement a befitting web solution for the school with the integration of the OES-SH


OES Examination Simulation (OES -ES) 

Examination Simulation  suit, It has various class level from preschool class to university entrance examination level. This include COMMON ENTRANCE for Primary, JSCE, SSCE, WAEC, NECO, UTME, POST UME examinations questions and answers for various past years examinations which are solved as tutorials. 

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