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OES Internal Modules

OES Application Suite is a complete electronic learning application. OES application suit has four classification;
(1) The examination simulation students interface web platform,
(2).The administrative web platform,
(3)The complete school education web interface platform and
(4). The mobile – web platform that resides on the mobile application.


Examination Simulation Contains

1. OES Reporting System (RS) 
2. OES Student-Teachers Forum (SC) 
3. OES Student Education Curriculum System (OES-ECS) 
4. School Home Work Container (OES -SH)
5. OES Examination Simulation (OES -ES) 


Administrative Platform

Without the OES Administrative Module, OES can not be complete. It is where the parents and the teachers review the children using the system.  


Complete School Education

OES Complete School Curriculum is the medium where student learn with Audio-Visual Aid. It contains Nigeria curriculum syllabus with foreign resources.  It’s a free module in OES but still requires you are using OES Examination Simulation Module.

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