1. Our app services include video conferencing and ability to take lectures online. We have also included ability to take interviews from educationist in other to further enrich your assimilation of the course of study.
  2. Once you have login, your details will be encrypted and stored in the database in other to permit access to our resources and messages.
  3. You are solely responsible for the accuracy, authenticity, originality and correctness of the information such as educative resources shared on the application that you put out on our learning management system.
  4. Sending and spreading fake lectures or information that are hurtful, hateful and damaging to other people or grouping are not allowed
  5. We have built the platform with privacy in mind and with end-to-end encryption. Your profile you entered is yours only.
  6. The information you provide us with such as: your phone number, email address and your contacts are stored by us. You confirm that you are authorized to provide us with such information.
  7. Your profile name, the school educative pictures, videos, files and information once sent are delivered and are not stored by us but are kept in your profile database.
  8. We have no tolerance for Racism, Sexism, hate speech, engagement in or incitation of violence, Xenophobia and Prejudice Based on Religious Beliefs while sending your assignments, expected project work, and feedback.
  9. Sexually explicitly material/content, gruesome images and videos as well as the use of bad language (such as curse words) are not allowed within online education system application.
  10. AR content containing a restricted area or military base, or a private property as well as AR anchoring causing issues for the property owner, are not allowed within our application. Online educative AR content on subject matter in school and which are not inciting violence is permitted.