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Our Services

…Redefining Education, Impacting Lives,  Giving Hope with Education.

… Transparency and Feedbacks with Aim to Brigding Gaps In Education System In Nigeria.

OES Services

Hremsoft OES Application Services cuts through all Education Sector Areas. It is the introduction of Information and Communication Technology in Education Sector so that education feedback gap can be measured and evaluated.

It is a complete e-Learning web application for preparing for school work, Basic School Examination, JSSC Exams, SSCE Exams, UTME and Post UTM Exams. OES application is the best for government in measuring feedbacks such as monitoring and evaluation process. Reliable tools for parents when measuring academic performance of their children. OES make use of P.E.A.R Model meaning Performance, Evaluation, Assessment and Reporting.

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Why Adopt OES


Why OES is the Best To Adopt

1. Excellent Feedback Reports on Studies
2. Connect with your Teachers Anywhere and Anytime
3. Connect with your Parents and Children Anywhere and Anytime
4. Excellence monitoring and evaluation system for administration
5. Can be branded for schools
6. Over 80,000 questions is available from Basic 1 to SSCE 3 Classes
7. Excellent Timed Questions with Answers
8. Up to date Nigerian Curriculum information.
9. Excellent Collaboration between Teachers and Students.
10. Excellent e-chatting Tool between peer Students of the same class.

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